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Interlaboratory trial on the methods of analytical test of Olive Oils - 2023 Edition

Registration within 30 April 2023

INNOVHUB srl organizes the vegetable oils interlaboratory test since 2013.

The activity is particularly dedicated to the testing methods in use for the evaluation of quality and purity of the olive oils, recognized at EU level and reported in the various Community Regulations that refer to the International Olive Oil Council (IOC).


The main purpose of this interlaboratory test is to allow each participating laboratory to verify its alignment with the analytical results and to give the opportunity to introduce corrective actions in case of deviations from the acceptability of the data.


Each participant Lab (in anonymity) has the opportunity to compare its analytical results with those obtained from the most accredited Italian and foreign laboratories in the sector. Each Laboratory receives an adequate quantity of sample, which can be kept at the end of the tests, in order to constitute a secondary reference material for an adequate period of time. 


At the end of the tests, a statistical elaboration of the results is carried out and then the participants can receive the test report which contains all the results in anonymous form.

For the interlaboratory trial on the methods of analytical test of olive oils, each participant will receive 3 samples (Extra virgin, Refined, Lampante) for chemical-physical testing and 1 sample for the analysis of contaminants before the end of June 2023.

The instructions regarding the analytical methods to be used are sent to all participants (List of tests and methods).

Deadline for sending results is October 31, 2023.

For organizational reasons, participation is limited to max. 50 laboratories.

Participants will receive a confirmation message after registration and the details needed for the payment of fees.

Further details on participation terms and fees in the registration form.

Contact person:
Stefania De Cesarei
Team Chemistry, Technology and Food Safety



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