Product and process safety

Product and process safety

Product safety

By means of specific tests we determine the flammability and combustibility properties of pure or mixed chemical products and verify compliance with safety requirements for handling, use and storage of materials.

REACH regulation

As a REACH regional helpdesk we provide free information services to companies in addition to performing chemical, physical and eco-toxicological tests to determine the level of danger of chemicals, preparations and formulations.

Process safety

Our testing and investigation activity in the field of process safety concerns all industrial chemical processes and related operations (synthesis, distillation, drying).

We offer services aimed at solving industrial problems including assistance in the trial step.

A global support

In addition to our testing services, we offer scientific/technical advice on regulatory and safety issues and for the analysis of incidents.

Training and dissemination on safety issues

  • Training courses for technical personnel concerning the danger of gases, vapours and dusts, as well as on the safety of chemical processes
  • Seminars on process safety issues aimed at spreading awareness of the importance and benefits of a corporate culture based on safety

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