Animal and vegetable oils and fats for use as food, in livestock farming and other industries

We offer a complete range of services aimed at producers, processors and users of fatty substances in the field of food industry, livestock farming, animal feed production and other industrial applications including energy generation.

Our state-of-the-art analytical equipment allows us to respond to all the various analytical needs of each sector, particularly as concerns composition, oxidative stability, food safety (primarily detection of contaminants) and the issues relating to the industrial uses of fatty substances including energy generation.

All tests are performed according to national or international standard methods. Ad-hoc test procedures can be developed to respond to particular customer needs.

  • Seed oils
  • Raw vegetable fats of different refining grade / full-refined (soy, sunflower, rapeseed, corn, palm, palm kernel, coconut, etc.)
  • Cold-pressed seed oils (hemp, sunflower, etc.);
  • Terrestrial animal fats (lard, bovine tallow, etc.)
  • Marine animal fats (fish oils, etc.)