Development of a new system of fabric functionalization in the phase of yarn twisting

Starting year: 2017


  • Textile
  • Innovation, process/product development

Funding: EU/Lombardy Regional Council POR FESR 2014-2020
Duration: 2017-2019

The Yarn Coating project (Lombardy Region SMART FASHION & DESIGN Call) aims at transferring the functionalization operations from the fabric finishing phase to the yarn twisting phase. In fact, Yarn Coating intends to focus on the basic element of any fabric (intended either for the fashion sector or for technical applications) with the aim of drastically increasing its value through the application of functionalizing substances capable of conferring particular performance or visual properties, such as stain-resistancy, hydro- and oil-repellency, flame-retardancy, etc., in a different surface/volume ratio of added substance for the same fabric.


The project ended with the construction of a middle-scale prototype for the zero-waste treatment of yarns. The prototype was used for the production of small batches of fabric obtained from yarns dyed and treated on the new plant. The scale-up of the machine, to be carried out by the leading partner, is scheduled for 2020. In addition to the development of the prototype, the Silk Unit of ​​Innovhub SSI was active in the testing of treatment procedures and the preparation of the necessary chemical auxiliaries.


  • Torcitura di Domaso Srl
  • Tessitura Peverelli Natalino e C. Srl
  • Innovhub SSI
  • Chimica Porlezza Srl
  • Artefil - Tintoria Filati Srl

Contact person:

Ilaria Donelli