SULFREE - Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis

Development of the prototype of a pyrolysis plant for converting waste tyres into high value products

Starting year: 2013


  • Fuels
  • Innovation, process/product development

Funding: 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development of the European Union - SME
Duration: 2013-2016

This project aims at the development of the prototype of a pyrolysis plant for converting low value rubber crumb, mainly from waste tyres, into high value products, including activated carbon and low-sulphur pyrolysis oils. Sulfree is a novel end-of-life tyre recycling process that employs microwave pyrolysis technology. The major novelty of the project will be the development of a complete desulphurization process to reduce the sulphur content of the pyrolysis oils and gas. Innovhub SSI's Fuels Unit will primarily be dealing with the development of the desulphurization section for sulphur separation.


  • The UK Health & Environment Research Institute (Co-ordinator)
  • Autico Ltd, UK
  • Crumb Rubber Ireland Ltd, Ireland
  • Fricke und Mallah - Microwave Technology GmbH, Germany
  • WLB Ltd, Cyprus
  • Innora Proigmena Technologika Systimata Kai Ypiresies Anonymi Etaireia, Greece
  • Innovhub SSI, Italy
  • Material y Equipos de Vidrio de Laboratorio SA, Spain

Contact person:

Gabriele Migliavacca,

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