Innovative solutions for reducing polluting emissions in large urban areas

Starting year: 2018


  • Environment

Funding: Interreg Europe (EU/MISE)
Duration: 2018-2022

SmartEdge is an international project launched to address the potential for greenhouse gas emission reductions in large urban agglomerations by focusing on the experience of smaller cities within metropolitan areas (Edge Cities). These are an integral part of the existing metropolitan fabric with lots of business locations and may be excellent laboratories for smart, green, economic solutions thus having the opportunity to play a crucial role in the so-called low carbon economy.

The main objective of the project is therefore to improve low carbon economy policies in edge cities and their metropolitan regions. For this purpose, eight partners from the metropolitan areas of Akershus, Barcelona, Brandenburg, Ilfov, Krakow, Milan, Stockholm and the Romanian Ministry of Environment will exchange experiences, transfer good practices and facilitate mutual learning on innovative tools for urban planning.


  • Viken County Council (Akershus), Norway (Co-ordinator)
  • Brandenburg Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Energy, Germany
  • Barcelona Metropolitan Area, Spain 
  • Region Stockholm, Sweden
  • Innovhub SSI, Italy
  • Krakow Metropolis Association, Poland
  • Ilfov County Council, Romania
  • Ministry of Environment of Romania

Contact person:

Ilaria Bonetti

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