ROSIE - Responsible and Innovative SMEs in Central Europe

Promotion of Responsible Innovation (RI) in Small and Medium Enterprises through transnational cooperation

Starting year: 2017


  • Innovation, process/product development
  • Environment

Funding: Interreg Central Europe (EU/MISE)
Duration: 2017-2020

This project aims at promoting Responsible Innovation (RI) in Small and Medium Enterprises through transnational cooperation. Responsible Innovation is a way of governing innovation that takes into account both its possible effects on the environment, health and safety, and its ethical and social implications along the entire value chain, the aim being to achieve results that can both improve industrial processes and be socially acceptable.

The transnational approach covers following activities:

  1. Exchange and partner training on RI tools that can help SMEs understand RI, identify RI needs and define relevant strategies

  2. Development of RI Road Maps in local & Central Europe (CE) areas, using transnational exchange and capitalisation

  3. Transnational Pilot Action (grouping 9 local areas) for SME capacity building, RI tool application and fund leverage.

In practical terms, on the one hand Responsible Innovation can help make companies and the society more open, flexible and capable of exploiting new technologies and responding to social challenges, on the other hand it can allow SMEs to enhance competitiveness and obtain significant benefits, such as cost reduction, better investor and social player relationships, better reputation and brand value.


  • CISE - Azienda speciale della C.C.I.A.A. di Forlì-Cesena, Italy
  • Mestna Občina Nova Gorica, Slovenia
  • Innovhub SSI, Italy
  • Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije - Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Bautzen GmbH, Germany
  • České centrum pro vědu a společnost - Praha, Czech Republic
  • Grad Šibenik - Department of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Development, Croatia
  • Első Magyar Felelősségteljes Innováció Egyesület - Szeged, Hungary
  • Agentúra na podporu regionálneho rozvoja Košice, Slovakia
  • Ustanova za razvoj kompetencija, inovacija i specijalizacije Zadarske županije - Zadar, Croatia
  • Województwo Lubelskie - Department of Economy and International Cooperation - Lublin, Poland

Contact person:

Cinzia Morisco

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