Organic polymers for retinal prostheses

Development of a novel artificial vision system

Starting year: 2014


  • Biotechnology

Funding: Fondazione CARIPLO
Duration: 2014-2017

The aim of this project is to introduce an innovative approach for the development of a novel artificial vision system. The specific objective is the generation of an "all-organic" opto-neural interface based on conjugated polymers as active materials which allow the excitation/inhibition of a population of labeled neural cells by light stimulation, both in vitro and in vivo. This investigation is of particular importance for the development of an implantable prosthetic device capable of treating genetic degenerative diseases of the retina through a restorative action. Innovhub SSI's Silk Unit will be dealing with the design, development and production of silk fibroin-based devices to be integrated into retinal prostheses.


  • IIT - Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Research groups “Center for Nanoscience and Technology”, Milan and “Neuroscience and Brain Technologies”, Genoa)
  • Innovhub SSI

Contact person:

Ilaria Donelli