Optimization of sampling and analysis methods for the characterization of biomethane

Starting year: 2017


  • Fuels
  • Environment

Funding: EMPIR (EU)
Duration: 2017-2020

The overall objective of this project is to develop various sampling and analysis methods for the characterization of biomethane paying special attention to the micro-components potentially harmful for plant mechanics and the environment. In particular, the aim is to optimize the measurement standards for the parameters (mainly impurities) to be monitored when injecting biomethane into the natural gas grid and when using it as a vehicle fuel in order to enable SI traceable calibration and measurement results. This project will closely liaise with the biogas producing and upgrading industry, regulators and biomethane testing laboratories to ensure that the developed test methods are robust and efficient and can readily be implemented.


  • VSL - Dutch National Metrology Institute
  • IMBIH - Metrology Institute of Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • NPL - National Physical Laboratory, UK
  • PTB - National Institute of Metrology, Germany
  • RI.SE - Research Institutes of Sweden
  • VTT, Finland
  • ENGIE, France
  • INERIS, France
  • NEN - Netherlands Standardization Institute
  • University of Groningen, Netherlands
  • RICE-GRT Gaz, France
  • Waverton Analytics, UK
  • Innovhub SSI, Italy

Contact person:

Gabriele Migliavacca

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