INDUSTRIA 4.0 - Punto Impresa Digitale (Chamber of Commerce Digital Business Point)

Promotion of digital culture in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises

Starting year: 2017


  • Innovation, process/product development

Funding: MISE (Ministry of Economic Development)
Durata: 2017-2022

In recent years, in order to boost the competitiveness of Italian companies, numerous industrial policy measures have been enacted not only to support investments in innovation, research and development (mainly by tax incentives) but also to promote a new corporate culture focused on enabling technologies, digital skills and up-to-date business models, essential to maximize the benefits of the fourth industrial revolution.

The network Impresa 4.0 is one of the tools introduced to help the Italian industrial system cope with the digital transformation. It consists of numerous access points throughout the country that pursue, in various forms, the common goal of accompanying and supporting companies in this process. The Digital Business Points (PID) set up by the Chambers of Commerce with the aim of favouring the widest dissemination of digital culture in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MPMI), represent an easy and proximate access opportunity. Innovhub SSI contributes to the activity of the Digital Business Point of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan MonzaBrianza Lodi. The services offered to the companies operating in the geographical area of competence are as follows:

  • assistance in the procedures required to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Impresa 4.0 initiative and participate in the funding calls aimed at stimulating the development of services and products under the 4.0 scheme
  • dedicated training of both a basic and an advanced nature on 4.0 technologies and solutions possibly focused on a specific product category
  • analysis of innovation needs for competitiveness and growth (assessment of digital maturity)
  • search for the most suitable solutions and specialists qualified to provide technical assistance
  • accompaniment in the identification of commercial, scientific and technological partners.

Contact person:

Ilaria Bonetti