BIOinNANO - High performing nano and biobased multifunctional textiles

Development of multifunctional textile substrates based on nanotechnology and biotechnology solutions

Starting year: 2012


  • Textile
  • Biotechnology
  • Innovation, process/product development

Funding: Industria 2015 (Ministry of Economic Development)
Duration: 2012-2016

This objective of this project is to develop innovative and multifunctional textile substrates for applications ranging from sports and leisure wear to technical-protective clothing, personal protective equipment and home and public space furniture textiles. Multifunctionality will be achieved through the adoption and development of specific nanotechnology and biotechnology solutions based on the concept of interactive protection as a pre-condition for total wellbeing: protection from chemical, physical and biological agents, from adverse atmospheric conditions and from anything that might endanger health and the environment.

Contact person:

Ilaria Donelli