Development of co-operation and technical and commercial assistance tools for companies in the area of paper-plastic packaging solutions

Starting year: 2017


  • Paper and packaging
  • Innovation, process/product development
  • Environment
  • Sustainability

Funding: Interreg Central Europe (EU/MISE)
Duration: 2017-2020

The main objective of this project is to strengthen the links between R&D institutions and companies in the area of paper-plastic packaging solutions in order to introduce verified biodegradable materials in paper and cardboard packaging. The project strategy can be summarized in three main points: developing an integrated cross-sector business support service for companies in the value chain of paper-plastic packaging, fostering the establishment of long-term R&D-Business links through the creation of a Transnational Biocomposite Packaging Centre connected with regional innovation systems and the European Enterprise Network, improving change processes and accelerating technology transfer in the paper-plastic packaging manufacturing sector with the involvement of a large group of clusters, branch organizations and stakeholders. An integrated cross-sectoral business assistance service including a set of dedicated tools will be provided in support of the Transnational Centre along with a handbook on sustainable paper-plastic design, which will help companies to quickly verify opportunities and chose for change. Innovhub SSI's Paper Unit will be dealing with the development of audit tools and pilot actions for packaging manufacturing companies in the Lombardy-Veneto area.


  • National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia (Co-ordinator)
  • Papirol d.o.o., Slovenia
  • EcoCortec d.o.o., Croatia
  • RERA SD, Croatia
  • COBRO - Polish Research Institute on Packaging
  • Polish Chamber of Packaging Recycle and Recovery
  • Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
  • OMNIPACK - First Hungarian Packaging Technology Cluster
  • Fondazione Legambiente Innovazione, Italy
  • Innovhub SSI, Italy

Contact person:

Graziano Elegir

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