Silk. History, Processes, Environment

A study of the environmental impact of silk industry by LCA procedures.

Innovhub SSI and SUPSI (University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland) have conducted a study on the environmental impact of the silk sector using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis procedures. The production processes of companies in the Como silk industrial district were investigated. A full documentation of this study, including all activities and results obtained, is provided in the book Silk. History, Processes, Environment, published by Innovhub SSI.

The aim of this work is to open new perspectives for a continuous improvement of silk-based products and the relevant production processes. By identifying the main causes of pollution, the analysis allows to define the action priorities, signals the technologies that should be replaced or improved, the processes that can be saved, thus providing the entire silk supply chain with a decision support tool useful to help the silk sector make the changes needed to evolve and survive.

Silk. History, Processes, Environment (excerpt)

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Silvio Faragò
Innovhub SSI

Marzio Sorlini
SUPSI, University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland