RISG - Rivista Italiana Sostanze Grasse

The Italian Journal of Fatty Substances, published by the Oils and Fats Unit of Innovhub SSI.

Published quarterly, the compliance of its contents with scientific standards is guaranteed by an international Committee of referees.

The journal publishes original and experimental works by Italian and foreign authors concerning chemistry, biochemistry, analytics and technology in the sectors of fatty substances and their derivatives, surfactants, detergents, cosmetics, mineral oils. Announcements of meetings and conferences, book reviews and other information concerning these sectors are also provided in the "News" section of the magazine.

The primary target of the journal consists of Italian and foreign specialists and scholars who are concerned with oil and food production or work in chemical industries, laboratories of public organizations, research institutes and universities.

The authors of the works appearing in the journal are authorized to publish the abstracts, as well as the complete version of their work, in pdf format, on their ResearchGate page, thus increasing the dissemination and visibility of the results of their scientific research.

We inform you that, in accordance with our company policy which pays particular attention to environmental sustainability, starting from Volume 97 (2020) RISG-Rivista Italiana delle Sostanze Grasse, a quarterly publication of the Oils and Fats Unit of Innovhub SSI, WILL NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE IN PAPER FORMAT / ON SUBSCRIPTION. All papers will be published open access on this website.


2022 Congress of the Italian Society for Fats and Oils Research


Perugia, June 15th - 17th 2022

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Pierangela Rovellini


Franca Paparella


Editorial/Scientific Board

Area Oli e Grassi
Via Giuseppe Colombo, 79
20133 Milano

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