The Antioxidant Role of Hemp Phytocomplex in Cannabis Oil-Based Extracts

The article published by Pharmaceuticals reports the results of a study conducted by Innovhub SSI in co-operation with the University of Milan (Departments of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Health Sciences) and Bandi Pharmacy.


The therapeutic use of Cannabis oil extracts is constantly increasing. However, in Italy, they are allowed to be prepared with only a few methods and matrices. With this work, we aimed to assess how the different processes might affect the chemical composition of two different matrices (olive oils and medium chain triglycerides oils - MCT), accounting as variables for both the presence of Cannabis dried apices of the female flower and the adding of tocopherol acetate as an antioxidant. The macerated oils were prepared with four of the methods allowed according to the Italian legislation (Romano-Hazekamp, Cannazza-Citti, SIFAP and Calvi) and analyzed for normal and oxidized tocopherols, oxidized and conjugated fatty acids and volatile carbonyl compounds (VCCs), all using liquid chromatography coupled to UV or PDA detectors. According to our results, neither normal nor oxidized tocopherols are affected by the addition of antioxidants or Cannabis, while the oxidation state (according to the levels of oxidized and conjugated fatty acids) is often altered in either case. The VCCs concentrations, on the other hand, are never notably altered. These results suggest a worthless use of antioxidants in Cannabis macerated oils preparations, while the dried apices of female flowers might have a protective role in maintaining the oil oxidation state.


- Camillo Morano, University of Milan Pharm. Sci. Dept.
- Michele Dei Cas, University of Milan Pharm. Sci. Dept.
- Gabriella Roda, University of Milan Pharm. Sci. Dept.
- Adalberto Fabbriconi, Bandi Pharmacy
- Eleonora Casagni, University of Milan Pharm. Sci. Dept.
- Marco Pallavicini, University of Milan Pharm. Sci. Dept.
- Cristiano Bolchi, University of Milan Pharm. Sci. Dept.
- Gloria Pallotti, Innovhub SSI
- Francesco Romaniello, Innovhub SSI
- Pierangela Rovellini, Innovhub SSI

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