Innovhub SSI

Credibility and skills acquired through years of experience in the field of technical and scientific assistance to several industrial sectors, innovation services and national and European research projects.

Innovhub - Stazioni Sperimentali per l’Industria Srl is a national research, innovation and technology transfer centre, providing technical-scientific advice, testing and analyses of materials, as well as applied research.

Its area of expertise covers various industrial fields ranging from energy to the food sector with a growing interest in advanced manufacturing processes, biotechnologies, nanotechnologies and the bioeconomy.

In particular, Innovhub SSI support paper, textile, fuels, oils, varnishes, detergents and cosmetics sectors, with the aim to promote research, innovation and industrial development, with particular attention to sustainability.

Equipped with a vast and modern scientific instrumentation, and highly qualified staff, Innovhub SSI can provide integrated testing/consultancy solutions for a customized assistance to address specific technological and/or product issues.

A partner of the Enterprise Europe Network
A partner of the Enterprise Europe Network

As a partner of EEN, the network that supports innovation, technology transfer and internationalization of companies and research centres, Innovhub SSI is committed to offering free services such as technical assistance and search for commercial and technological partners.

Research and development

Innovhub SSI participates in R&D projects in various fields, such as sustainability, food and energy, often in collaboration with prestigious universities and research centers at a national and an international level. Today, low environmental impact processes, together with all the issues concerning industrial sustainability, are a major area of commitment and Innovhub SSI can provide an effective contribution on this matter in the various sectors of interest.

Institutional activities

Due to its public nature, Innovhub SSI takes part in the work of standardization bodies at both a national and an international level, supports scientific dissemination and the promotion of technical-scientific culture in several ways including seminars, conferences, training and refresher courses.

Our mission
Our mission
  • Support the scientific and technological development of the industrial reference sectors in an increasingly sustainable way
  • Offer businesses growth opportunities by promoting quality and innovation
Our strengths
Our strengths
  • Integration of specialist skills
  • Offer of customized solutions combining testing and advice services for complete assistance
  • Independence and impartiality