Certifications and awards of the Paper Unit

  • Innovhub's Paper Unit is recognized by TÜV - Austria as a registered laboratory for the certification of products under the "OK compost" labelling scheme, which identifies biodegradable and industrially compostable products. In July 2019, the Unit also received recognition from TÜV for the certification of materials suitable for home composting under the "OK compost HOME" labelling scheme.
  • The Paper Unit is authorized by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to carry out the technical approval tests of packaging and intermediate containers intended for the transport of dangerous goods by sea (Min. Decree dated 14/07/2017, OJ No. 182 of 05/08/2017).
  • The Paper Unit has been appointed by the Italian Revenue Agency as an official testing laboratory for the approval of heat-sensitive paper registering systems for the issue of receipts and other tax documents (Authorization).