Certifications and awards of the Oils and Fats Unit

The Unit took part, along with the Fuels laboratory, in the characterization of a reference biodiesel fuel in accordance with EN 14214 Standard. The material was prepared by the Joint Research Center, Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (JRC-IRMM, Geel, Belgium) in compliance with the specifications provided by ISO Guide 34 and ISO Guide 35. It was characterized by means of an inter-laboratory comparison involving a selected group of European laboratories boasting ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation or operating in compliance with the standard requirements. The biodiesel fuel thus characterized and certified is available from JRC-IRMM.


  • Since 1998, Innovhub's Oils and Fats Unit is recognized by the International Olive Council (IOC) as a registered laboratory for the chemico-physical analysis as well as the sensory evaluation of olive oils
    IOC recognition for chemico-physical analyses
    IOC recognition for sensory evaluation
  • It is a member of FOSFA International (Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations Ltd) in both the Oilseed section (since 2001) and the Oils and Fats section (since 2003)
    FOSFA certification
  • It has been recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forests (Masaf) as an official testing organization in the olive oil sector whose certifications have legal value for the registration of virgin and extra virgin olive oils under D.O.P. or I.G.P. designation of origin (Min. Decree dated 21.06.2013 renewed on 27.02.2018)
    MiPAF recognition
  • Innovhub's Oils and Fats Unit's panel of olive oil tasters has been registered by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forests (Masaf) in the list of recognized tasting panels officially eligible to assess the organoleptic characteristics of virgin olive oils (Min. Decree dated 24.02.1994 updated by Min. Decree dated 16.12.2005)
  • Innovhub is one of the organizations selected by the Lombardy region in its "Register of Laboratories eligible to perform analyses for the implementation of self-control procedures in the food industry"
    Regional Decree No. 7393 - 21.06.2017
    List of tests (Annex B)


  • The Unit is authorized by the Ministry of Public Works to issue certificates of conformity for retro-reflective films
    Min. Decree No. 1584 - 31.03.1995
  • It is a VOC (volatile organic compounds) control authority (Leg. Decree No. 161 - 27.03.2006 and Min. Decree No. 33 - 14.02.2008)
  • It is accredited by SNAM Progetti for the approval of paints intended for the coating of pipes for the transport of non-corrosive gases
  • It is accredited by various local bodies (primarily Region's and Municipality's offices) for the approval of paints for horizontal road signs according to specific supply specifications