Certifications and awards of the Fuel Unit

Since 1991, following the authorization of the Ministry of Health, the Unit has been officially eligible to carry out chemical-physical tests according to the Italian Good Laboratory Practices legislation.

The Unit took part, along with the Oils and Fats laboratory, in the characterization of a reference biodiesel fuel in accordance with EN 14214 Standard. The material was prepared by the Joint Research Center, Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (JRC-IRMM, Geel, Belgium) in compliance with the specifications provided by ISO Guide 34 and ISO Guide 35. It was characterized by means of an inter-laboratory comparison involving a selected group of European laboratories boasting ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation or operating in compliance with the standard requirements. The biodiesel fuel thus characterized and certified is available from JRC-IRMM.

The Fuels Unit has obtained various acknowledgments and authorizations for testing, survey and industrial research activities by decrees/provisions of public authorities:

  • Assignment of survey functions for verification of compliance with the safety regulations established by Law No. 1083 (6.12.71) concerning the use of fuel gas (Min. of Industry Decree dated 7.7.75 and subsequent renewals)
  • Registration in the list of laboratories authorized by the Ministry of University and Research to carry out industrial research activities pursuant to Min. Decree No. 593 (8.8.2000) - Exec. Decree No. 892/Ric. (7.6.2004)
  • Authorization to perform inspection activities (sampling and analyses) concerning the use of combustible gas for home and similar uses: in the event of a fatal accident, the Fuel Unit, whose technicians are temporarily allowed to act as auxiliary police officers, can conduct the necessary analytical investigations (Circular No. 34/00 dated 2.10.2000 of the Public Prosecutor's Office in the courts of Milan)
  • Registration in the Yearbook of the REACH Center Laboratories, a list of organizations selected to carry out tests and analyses under the REACH scheme on account of accreditation according to UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 Standard and Good Laboratory Practices certification
  • Participation in the National network of helpdesks for information and technical assistance to businesses created to favour the implementation of the REACH service on the whole territory including local authorities, public and private organizations, as per Decree of the Ministry of Health dated 22.11.2007.