Silk Unit

Research and innovation for the textile-fashion sector with a focus on sustainability issues.


The Silk Business Unit supports companies in the textile-fashion sector in carrying out scientific research and technological innovation projects in order to keep the Italian textile industry competitive. In more than one hundred and twenty years of activity it has gained extensive experience evolving hand in hand with the industrial reference sectors. In time, as a result of the increasing use of silk technologies, the Unit has extended its expertise to the entire textile-fashion sector.

The Unit can provide assistance to companies in all the steps of development of a research project: from the drafting phase and participation in funding calls to the search of reliable partners to cover all the skills necessary for the successful outcome of the research. During project implementation, the Unit takes part in the research work with its own staff and resources and finally can act in favour of all participants by applying for patent protection of the results obtained.

Fitted with highly specialized laboratories, the Unit is able to respond to various analytical needs - testing of fibers, yarns, fabrics, finished garments, auxiliaries, industrial waste and finishing agents, labelling conformity analyses, particular spectrophotometric measurements (colour, UV protection, NIR reflectance), thermal analysis of natural and synthetic polymers - and offers advice to companies to solve problems experienced during the manufacturing process of textiles (giving rise to defective products) or in the maintenance of finished garments.

The Unit is also active in the training and education domain giving university graduating students the opportunity to carry out their research thesis work in its laboratories and supporting research doctorates on topics pertaining to the textile field. The Silk Unit participates in the Labintex interlaboratory round-testing scheme and is involved in standardization activities at any level in textile working groups and committees.

Certifications and awards

The Silk Business Unit is accredited by ACCREDIA as a laboratory operating in compliance with UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 standard.

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Phone: +39 02 85153652
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Silk Unit

A research laboratory serving the textile-fashion sector, highly experienced in the field of silk technologies. Its primary mission is to provide support to and co-operate with companies in scientific research and technological innovation projects in order to enhance the competitiveness of the Italian textile industry.

Innovation services and projects

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